Israeli Civilians Under Fire; Hamas Fakes Casualties on Twitter

At 11:29 p.m. local time, Hamas tweeted a photograph of a young boy bleeding in his father’s arms, apparently dead. Syrian exile Razzan Saffour, who lives in Britain and sympathizes with the Palestinian cause, responded:

She later tweeted an explanatory note to emphasize that she supports Hamas regardless of the fakery:

Aside from passing off civilian casualties caused by its former Syrian sponsors as Israeli atrocities, Hamas’s @Alqassambrigade account spent the day falsifying its military activities, claiming that Hamas was shelling military targets, when in fact most of the rockets from the Gaza Strip were aimed at Israel’s civilian population.

The IDF distributed–but did not tweet–photographs of civilian casualties in Israel due to Hamas rockets. The photograph at top is one of them.

That is what a real civilian casualty looks like. That is why Israel is at war.

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