.Activarea art 7

Iată procedurile pentru activarea Art. 7. Pe care o parte a presei îl prezintă drept ”opțiunea nucleară”.

Mica” problemă e art. 7.2, care cere unanimitate de vot în Consiliul European. Dacă un singur SM (minus statul vizat) se abține sau votează împotrivă, mecanismul e blocat.

Article 7.1: The mechanism begins with a proposal to find a „Clear Risk of Serious Breach” of EU values either by the Commission, the Parliament or one-third of member states. This is then approved by a two-thirds majority in Parliament. The accused country is then called to answer to the European Council, which may then issue recommendations and vote by four-fifths to identify a breach.

Article 7.2: In the event of a „serious and persistent breach” (i.e. the country does not heed the Council’s guidance) then the Commission or one-third of countries, approved by a two-thirds majority in Parliament, calls the country to answer to the European Council again. The European Council must then decide unanimously to proceed to Article 7.3.

Article 7.3: Once the European Council has unanimously decided that the breach is still occurring, they then vote by qualified majority to suspend rights of the accused country, including voting rights, until all duties are fulfilled.

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