On Idiots (III)

All idiots are actively and enthusiastically idiots.

Imbecility is, among other things, a profession de foi.  Especially for the educated ones. They all live with the illusion of depth and omnipotence. So they talk loud and a lot. For the most part, they talk sports, nutrition trends, entertainment and sexist subtleties. They also love to exchange inconsistent arguments and re-launch clichés about life, health, and politics.

Commonly, they are vocal and critical about everything and everybody.

When they have to confront someone who is very different from them, they remain perplexed.

For a moment, the change of perspective is the end of the world. A conversation with someone who is inexplicably uninterested in their views comes as a shock. „The Otherness” leaves them in a short, but tragic state of frustrated speechlessness.

But once they overcome the initial difficulties, they have a new goal in life: to nullify that enigmatic difference between them and The Other!

For this grand purpose, they show some teeth and muscles. They laugh, bark, sniff, fawn, drool, snarl, yelp, bite. They’ll do literally everything that’s humanly and doggingly possible to affirm their status as qualified holders of  power and knowledge.

Once they start to make threats, there is no way you can escape their violence. Because one is not stupid enough if not malevolent enough.

Active, enthusiastic vileness makes a dummy grow into a fully stupid man, into someone who aggressively plucks you out of yourself and puts you in the shoes of his victim.

But how do they do it? After all, they are idiots.

All educated idiots have developed sly manners of getting what they want.

For instance, they insistently ask you the wrong questions until you end up playing a part that has never been yours. They instinctively RE-organize YOU in a manner that suits THEIR goals. They turn you into an „erroneous something”, into a kaleidoscopic monstrosity with indistinct opinions and weak arguments, into someone saying „no” when meaning „yes”, and „yes” when meaning „no”, into someone who has no longer access to one’s essential concerns, into someone who can safely be called a bleeding, pitiful prey.

They enslaved you with their vileness. And so there’s no other victim worthier of pity than the victim of an idiot.

Trust me with this.

(Foto: taurusarmed.net)

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