De-famatorily Romanian

Hysteria and paranoia are national illnesses in Romania.

More often than not, the so-called “national consciousness” has to do with some kind of neurotic self-importance rather than with a healthy, well-grounded national pride.

The sane ones are vulnerable. They are less and less sure of their own sanity, while the deranged ones have never been surer of the truthfulness of their delusional reality.

There is not only a lack of scruples, there is also an arrogance about it. The arrogance alone qualifies one as a leader, as an intellectual, and as a moral agent.

A lack of arrogance makes you invisible, therefore the lack of arrogance is simply – and often genuinely – incomprehensible in the public space.

All signs of sanity are controversial. The debate heats up and soon you discover that (your) sanity lacks legitimacy. If you’re sane, you’re morally disqualified. And unquestionably blind. The emperor is fully dressed!

The sane ones are concerned with little, indispensable things while the insane ones think big, loud, and low. Obviously, their approaches of all social, political and existential matters are mutually exclusive.

So nothing works because everything works pathologically. We’re the living proof that, in a rotten world, all fools are dangerously guilty.


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