I am writing these lines with my very own hand, in my little black notebook. Next to the hand that writes is my laptop. On my – now black – laptop screen I see the white, promising words: „Installing. About 22 minutes remaining.” My laptop is a Macbook that faultlessly updates itself. I trust everything will be fine. Why shouldn’t be? I have invested in a good computer. I trust my computer. I trust it more than I trust myself.

I for one need a lot of luck to just be. To smile, I need more than luck. I need a tremendous amount of determination to change the direction of my mouth’s line.

In order for my kids to make it to the daycare three October days in a row, I need a ridiculously big amount of luck.

Out of them all who live in this house, I trust my computer the most. The rest of us have installation issues. We fail easily.

Everybody fails – people, groups of people, whole countries.

In order for us to live beautifully, we need more than a life instinct, we also need good algorithms.

People are never good at sticking with the algorithms they themselves have invented. Once they come up with a good algorithm, they make a machine do it, so that they can go back to their instincts and anxieties.

There’s nothing really promising about us, except our technology.

We invent promising technology, but we truly are disappointing beings – unable to re-start or re-invent ourselves. I dare say technology has become, in many ways, more human, more reliable, even kinder than we are. Actually, the more confused we get, the more we depend on technology.

We pass our „installation issues” on to our children. We go from bad to worse. However, we create technology that is is faultlessly updating itself, technology that saves lives and time. Technology that saves our children from ourselves.

We reserve our right to fail, to be confused, selfish and unlucky. There must be some kind of human pride into getting it all wrong!

Meanwhile, our reward for being miserable is the sincere smile of a cool new gadget who lives in our phone.



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