There must be so many cowards hiding behind their dreams!

A life full of dreams is just as full and just as empty as a newly freed hotel room: thousands and thousands of absences floating around, filling the corners, thrilling the bed sheets. Everyone‘s in there and no one‘s to be found.

“Never give up your dreams!” is a dangerous modern edict. And – as perplexing as it sounds – a humiliating ideology, an insult to our intelligence and adaptation abilities.

No, we cannot do anything. And no, not everything is possible. There is nothing positive about “positive thinking”, and the idiotically positive views on “personal growth” have made more losers than winners.

Optimism is not about ignoring the bad, but about acknowledging the slightest form of anything remotely good that comes your way. How can you detect it if you never pay attention to reality? And how can you pay attention (and respect) to what is yet to come if you are too busy refining our dreaming skills, building up on air?

A most beautiful dream is no more than a very absence. The more extensively dreamt, the more absent and pressing would become. Until it will swallow you in. And then, it will no longer be you working on a dream, it is going be the dream working on you, haunting your rooms, switching your lights off, sucking your powers, turning you into a zombie ready to throw out of the window for the sake of his master.

There’s no higher existential “savoir-faire” than managing your ideals; that is, knowing when and how to give up your dream for saving your reality. For a start, never check in a double room, if single. It will only double the absence. 🙂


(Foto: inpluvia.deviantart.com)

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