On Suffering

Giving wrong meanings to your suffering is a terrible (and dangerous) thing to do. The lack of meaning is often better than false meaning.

Actually, dealing with your misery is the most significant and crucial occupation you’ll ever have. Some say there is some kind of „existential dignity” in dealing with it „in style”. Well, I personally am not that sumptuous.

I believe that the only justified exigency in hard times of misery is to try to assess its actual depth, consistency, impact, and limits.

The planet as a whole may be a lot happier than a single person. But only a single person can be a lot more miserable than the whole planet.

Indeed, our capacity to suffer is monstrously great, incommensurable even. And we rely on it. We take advantage of it; we even manipulate our own enormous ability to suffer. We play with it; like kids playing the doctor game.

So every day, we make false claims of unhappiness. But God knows we’re slightly happier than we believe; and a lot unhappier than we let others know.

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