There’s nothing sadder than a man without priorities. His life is being lived in his absence.

Let me go further into this matter.

First of all, a priority is not an ambition. The difference between the two is vast. An ambition is a desire or a weakness, while a priority is a value or a principle. Of course, they are both inner commitments and therefore the action of both produces notable effects in one’s life; it’s just that the fulfillment of ambitions often stirs a sense of distress, while the fulfillment of priorities always stirs a sense of order.

You cannot rule over your life unless you make a distinction between your ambitions and your priorities.

Secondly, a priority does not always assault you, even if only because a priority is not always self-evident. Thinking that everything is – or nothing is urgent – is just a cheap trick to indulge in either maniacal activity, or in do-nothingness.

When you think that everything or nothing is important, you’ve lost it. You’re out of the game. You’re just being ruled (and harmed) by your own life.

The loser is not the one who loses opportunities, but the one who loses perspective.

There is, I think, nothing noble about being busy unless you value your reasons of busy-ness over your ability of being so.

We love to stay busy these days. People tend to focus on the most recent issues instead of focusing on the most important ones. And there is no way you can actually FOCUS on a constantly FLOWING stream of inner and external events. That is just bad „existential journalism”.



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