Who’s Your Boss?

A spare day that you started the wrong way loses its structure and freedom completely. There is nothing you can do anymore. That day, you were not free, you were slave. That day served you no more, you served it instead: yes Master, and please Master, and right away Master.

The only way to deal with your spare day is win it or lose it right from its start.

A  spare day – or even worse, a holiday – has no basis in reality, it is a chimera, a most deceiving time-space configuration, a non-existent Promised Land which gets a lot of credit and raises a lot of interest precisely because of its implausibility.

There is nothing easier than missing the whole point of your long-awaited holiday. There is nothing more probable than collapsing in boredom, on your own money, on some exotic beach.

Waiting for your spare time to “do it for you” is like sitting and contemplating your wish lists; but wish lists do not carry any inner qualities, just more or less improper ambitions, and a huge disappointment potential. If your wish list makes you, you lose. If you master your wish list, there may be some hope for further strategic planning and action.

For a start, consider exercising freedom: win over your spare day. Be the master of your Sunday.


(Foto: webmania.ma)