The Valentine’s in the details

Throughout centuries and millennia, so many imposing, memorable things were done for women!

Wars, castles, cities, poems, novels, church reforms, pop songs.

What have women done (for men), in return? Everything that was left to do:

They wrote in their hearts every single man’s unwritten biography, they recorded and indexed in their detail-oriented minds every single picture of men waking up, going to bed, agonising in their self-absorption, shuddering in their orgasms.

They’ve arranged millions of family houses, and they’ve invented quadrillions of lullabys, they’ve hated their children without nobody even knowing it, and they’ve killed all their rivals without a single blood-drop to be wasted.

They’ve led men to death and they’ve led men to fame, they’ve led men to marriage, and they’ve led men to bankruptcy, they’ve kissed strangers mutely and they’ve cheated without making a sound, they’ve played the victims and they’ve played the witches, they’ve seduced their little boys and they’ve envied their little girls, they fed everybody without bothering to cook, they took care of everybody without bothering to care, they loved „power” best from the „power of love”, and they loved „love” best from the „God is love”.

Woman is the world’s most sophisticated thing. And wherever there’s anything to be entangled, you will find her there, entangling; and brewing and spell-bounding; making fine little useful pieces of Everything, out of a huge, terrifying Nothing.