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Aici puteți comenta offtopic, puteți chatui, puteți pune linkuri, iutuburi, poze, ce vreți voi. Chiar și poza aferentă articolului va fi offtopic. O să punem și o melodie offtopică, ca să nu vă plictisiți în timp ce comentați offtopic.

Dennis Hopper – Apocalypse Now

                         It's all right!  It's all right!  
                         It's been approved!

               The PBR moves slowly toward the steps, as the man continues 
               to shout out.

                         I ain't coming in there!  Them 
                         bastards attacked us!

                         Zap 'em with your siren, man.  Zap 
                         'em with your siren.

               Chef BLOWS THE SIREN on the PBR.  The Natives react, never 
               having heard one before; they scatter in all directions, 
               running away scared.

               The photographer moves down onto the landing, directing 
               the boat.

                         There's mines over there!  Mines 
                         over there, too!  And watch out, 
                         those goddamn monkeys bit you, I 
                         tell you.

               The PBR crew are exhausted, staring at him through their 
               mud-and-blood splattered faces.

                         Move it in right toward me.

               He jumps onboard the boat and immediately advances towards 
               Lance.  He shakes his hand, moves to the others, and shakes 
               their hands as well.

                         I'm an American.  An American 
                         civilian.  Hi, Yanks.  Hi.  
                         American.  American civilian.  
                         It's all right.
                              (to Chef)
                         And you got the cigarettes, and 
                         what's what I've been dreaming of.

               Chef flips him a packet of cigarettes.

                              (or photographer)
                         Who are you?

                         Who are you?  I'm a photojournalist.  
                         I've covered the war since '64.  
                         I've been in Loas, Cambodia, 'Man...
                              (looking around the 
                         I'll tell you one thing.  This 
                         boat is a mess, man.

                              (gestures to natives)
                         Who are all these people?

                         They think you've come to take him 
                         away.  I hope that isn't true.

                         Take who away?

                              (gestures to temple)
                         Him!  Colonel Kurtz!  These are 
                         all his children, man, as far as 
                         you can see.  Hell, man, out here, 
                         we are all his children.

                         Could we talk to Colonel Kurtz?

                         Hey, man, you don't talk to the 
                         Colonel.  Well, you listen to him.

               Willard steps off the boat onto the steps.  He turns and 
               looks back at the Photographer.

                         The man's enlarged my mind.  He's 
                         a poet-warrior in a classic sense.  
                         I mean, sometimes he'll-well, you 
                         say hello to him, right?  And he'll 
                         just walk right by you and he won't 
                         even notice you.  And then suddenly 
                         he'll grab you and he'll throw you 
                         in a corner and he'll say "Do you 
                         know that the 'if' is the middle 
                         word in 'life'?  If you can keep 
                         your head when all about you are 
                         losing theirs and blaming it on 
                         you.  If you can trust yourself 
                         when all men doubt you." I'm a 
                         little man, I'm a little man.  
                         He's a great man.
                              (a beat)
                         "I should have been a pair of ragged 
                         claws scuttling across floors of 
                         silent seas."

               Willard, incredulous, turns away to Lance.

                         Stay with the boat.

                         Don't go without me, okay.  I want 
                         to get a picture.

               Willard and Chef start up the steps.  The Photographer 
               walks with them, taking photographs.

               TRACKING SHOT

               They reach the top of the steps.  Gradually the natives 
               and savages show themselves-fierce and frightening, jungle 
               fighters, mostly Montagnard.  They wear only loincloths 
               and bandoleers of ammunition.  Their bodies are painted in 
               strange patterns.  Death and parts of bodies are everywhere.

                         He can be terrible, and he can be 
                         mean, and he can be right.  He's 
                         fighting the war.  He's a great 
                         man.  I mean, I wish I had words 
                         you know?  I wish I had words.  I 
                         could tell you something like, the 
                         other day he wanted to kill me.

                         Why did he want to kill you?

               They come to a stop.

                         Because I took his picture.  He 
                         said, "If you take my picture again, 
                         I'm going to kill you." And he 
                         meant it.  See, just lay cool, lay 
                         cool.  Lay back, dig it.

               They start walking forward again, as the photographer 

                         He gets friendly again, he really 
                         does.  But you don't judge the 
                         colonel.  You don't judge the 
                         colonel like ordinary men.

               ANGLE ON  WILLARD

               looking carefully as he moves forward

               MOVING POV

               More natives and savages.  Interspersed among them are a 
               few taller men with paler skins, with the remnants of army 
               insignia on them.

               ANGLE ON  WILLARD

               reacting, as he moves forward.  Chef is frightened, as he 
               follows Willard.

               ANOTHER ANGLE

               They move closer and closer to the temple.  The photographer 
               runs up ahead of Willard and stops in front of the man 
               with paler skins...these are remnants of the Green Beret 
               "A" Team.

                         Okay, watch it now!  These are 
                         Americans!  Americans!
                              (to Willard)
                         You can feel the vibe of this place.  
                         Let me take a picture.  Hey, could 
                         you hold it?  Hello?  Could you 
                         hold it for a minute?

               The photographer starts clicking away with a Nikon, as 
               Willard moves toward what once must have been an American.  
               He wears only a shotgun cartridge and striker pants.  His 
               face is darkened from dirt, battle smoke, matted mud and 

               Willard stops and looks at him.


               Colby is silent.  Then he and the other Berets, woman, 
               children, etc., slowly part, making way for Willard.  
               Willard slowly moves through the group and looks.

               WHAT HE SEES

               The stone steps of the temple.  Resting on the steps are 
               freshly screed heads, blood washing down from them.  They 
               sit decorating the entrance to the temple like so many 
               gruesome pumpkins.

                         The heads.  You're looking at the 
                         heads.  Sometimes he goes too far, 
                         and he's the first one to admit 

               Chef, behind Willard, looks at the heads.

                         He's gone crazy.

                         Wrong!  Wrong!  If you could have 
                         heard the man just two days ago, 
                         if you could've heard him then.  
                         God.  You were gonna call him crazy?

                         Fucking A.

                         I just want to talk to him.

                         Well, man, he's gone away.  He 
                         disappeared out in the jungle with 
                         his people.

               He continues forward.  The others follow.

                         I'll wait for him.

                         He feels comfortable with his 
                         people.  He forgets himself with 
                         his people.  He forgets himself.

                         Captain, maybe we should wait back 
                         at the boat.

                              (turns back to him)
                         Okay, Chef, we'll go back to the 
                         boat for a while.

                         Yeah.  Stay with Lance.
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25 Comments Offtopice – 23 mai 2013

    1. ovidiuss

      cred ca Nitu citeste Blogary :
      „Procurorul este independent, nu il intereseaza cine este sef astazi, cine este sef maine el isi solutioneaza dosarul”, a declarat Tiberiu Nitu.”

  1. Amelia New

    Wow: „Regiunile care au o forma relativ circulara sunt mai functionale decat regiunile care au o forma alungita”. (Dragnea)

      1. Amelia New

        Florina Acum mi-am amintit de colegiile electorale care aratau ca niste serpisori (sau chiar caracatite) care insa s-au dovedit „functionale” pentru USL.

  2. Bleen

    70 de articole în categoria editorial, adică cît de cît puse la punct, am scris în 2013. În 143 de zile. Sau 21 de săptămîni. Nu știu cum e ca calitate, dar ca cantitate nu e rău deloc. E greu să intri într-un astfel de ritm și să te obișnuiești să scrii zilnic sau aproape zilnic.

  3. Bleen

    ”The story I remember best happened at the initial Mont Pelerin meeting when he got up and said, „You’re all a bunch of socialists.” We were discussing the distribution of income, and whether you should have progressive income taxes. Some of the people there were expressing the view that there could be a justification for it.” Milton Friedman

  4. Rheia

    Dincolo de cuvinte, vorba cîntecului de-l auzii azi-dimineață la radio (mă rog, sună mai mult a behăială, dar dacă ăsta-i le gout du temps, if you’ll pardon my French, ne pliem), barca asta e-ntr-un mare cîcat, iar eu mi-am schimbat parola de pe computer în deveselu***. (Că doar nu v-o spuneam pe toată…)

        1. Rheia

          Rezon Bleen Brey, copchiii ăștia cred că au fost alăptați de vreo găină, altfel nu-mi explic totala orbire în materie de bun-gust.


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