Today’s politics lost its political prestige and today’s common man lost its human prominence. Together, they make bad democracy.

Somehow, everyone feels unfortunate, misrepresented, misunderstood, hurt, inconsolably stuck in a majority or in a minority, a direct target of some hostile policy, victim with no prospects, champion without a win.

As a crowd, we have ceased to be a repository of common sense. What we share, is fear. Like the spirit of God moving upon the face of primordial waters, Fear hovers over a mosaic of utopias and dystopias, mutually exclusive values, and extreme contrasts.

Fear breaths life into us, it makes us reactive, defensive, and – what it is most important – extraordinarily inefficient. We become a strong chain of weak ties, the Spiral of Silence is not spiraling anymore, it gains a zig-zagging motion. These are times when we can hear the unheard and see the unseen, and these are times when the loudest is simultaneously the strongest and the weakest.

Congruity of opinion is irrelevant. Essentially, we are all loud and we are all mute, both at the same time. We are all overestimated and we are all underestimated. We have been taken for fools, we have been taken for granted, and we have been taken as super-humans belonging to a super-state. We believed them all, but we believed nothing.

We disrespect everything and everybody, yet, we claim there is no one more respectful than we are. Our ethos of tolerance has over-stimulated our sense of danger. Now both – the splendid ethos and the basic fear – rule out the possibility of a decent, non-hypocritical cohabitation with others. As we lack a common horizon of expectations, we find it hard to agree on improvement goals.

So overall we are inconsolable; a self-dynamiting blend of ignorance and arrogance.

Brexit is within you.




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